Casinochan Review

100% welcome bonus up to 100€ + 30 free spins

Casinochan is an established online casino, offering unique bonuses and welcoming players from around the world to its fold. The site comes with an easy-to-use interface, but the multitude of available games make a good first impression right from the onset. If you like fun and excitement then Casinochan can provide it. If you like luck, then Casinochan is definitely for you. But what’s it all about?

Casinochan offers a low threshold to redeem special promotions, free spins, and bonuses to all players

One of the great things about Casinochan is its willingness to give away free promotions and bonuses. All players who meet a certain threshold will receive a special promo, free spins on a selection of casino games, bonuses, or other promotions that they can redeem at any time. Upon meeting the threshold, all players have the option to redeem their promo points with either a rebate on the website or real money deposits at their bank. The loyalty program encourages long-term players to spread their love of the game by participating regularly and earning bonuses and promotions. If you want to get in on these bonuses, you’ll need to act fast!

Another exciting aspect of Casinochan is the free ‘first deposit bonuses’ they offer. The free first deposit bonuses, which can be used to instantly win back any winnings you lose during your first time playing in the casino, can make for a fantastic feeling in the real world. Each free deposit bonus code comes with a unique code number and a redemption period, which means you must be lucky enough to get your hands on them before the expiry date.

With the help of a free casino money code, you can use these free bonuses to enter your virtual casino for free. To make things even better, when you enter your winnings back into your virtual account, you will receive an additional amount to further boost your chances of winning against other players in the casino.

Every new player who lands on Casinochan is offered a free trial period. This way they get a feel of the casino and its workings. During this time they can explore the bonuses and promotions, and decide if it’s the place for them. Once they’ve decided, they can choose between the different types of bonuses on offer and select their favorite ones. For beginners, several different welcome packages will boost your success rate. Unlike typical casinos, at Casinochan, a player doesn’t receive any cash when they first sign up. Instead, their bonus points are doubled when they promote Casinochan to a friend through email or chat. They can then use their bonus points at the website or in other virtual casinos to wager real money. It’s a brilliant concept that makes playing virtual currency in this virtual casino even more fun!

Standard and premier packages for VIP players playing slots

The VIP package offers a fully VIP experience, including our famous Jackpot slot machine. The VIP Experience includes all of the benefits offered by the Standard & Premier packages, giving you access to jackpots of up to 500%, as well as free spins on all of the casino’s popular slot games. This truly impressive combination of features pays off, and you’ll soon be spinning the numbers in the big jackpots.


The slots offered by Casinochan are an exciting and stylish game, and they are particularly fun when you have a guest come to visit. After all, what guest wouldn’t want to have a crack at the virtual slot machines? Although we found that the slots were fun, it was the progressive slots that caught our eye. The progressive slots feature progressive jackpots that increase in value as they are re-earned.

The progressive slots in the casinos at Casinochan all feature a unique and beautiful design, which means they are a lot of fun to play. The progressive slots feature a stunning black and white design, giving them a real futuristic feel. They are also supplemented with several classic game features such as reels, spinning wheels, and other classic casino game icons. There are even icons representing the most popular card games in existence, including Hold’em and Craps!

Overall, Casinochan does have a lot going for it, especially when it comes to the online casinos that allow its users to take advantage of its technology. We have found that most of the online casinos provided by Casinochan work very well, and are enjoyable to play. Some of the games such as roulette and blackjack are particularly popular, and you can even find some websites dedicated to roulette and blackjack games! Overall, if you want a casino experience that is extremely smooth, fast, and attracts lots of new visitors, then we would suggest you check out Casinochan.

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