The ice pirates of the great ocean are among the nastiest enemies you will face in your slot machine adventures. The ice pirate-a giant sized fish with a very dark pink stripe along its belly-is often among the first recognizable symbols seen on shipwreck maps. While they’re no match for the giant Marlin, they’re still rather dangerous for your precious coins. Ice Pirates is a fairly attractive downloadable online slot game which has some nice features, sound effects, and good gameplay. We’ll take a brief look at this exciting download below.

Ice Pirates is a high stakes, casino style game where you take risk by spinning reels. The action is quite slow as you carefully watch the spinning reels and try to get in just the right position to take advantage of an oncoming wave or the slow and methodical approach of a pirate ship. Although playing on actual slots isn’t exactly slow, the action in Ice Pirates can be a little bit faster since there are more chances for hitting something and thus more opportunities for getting hit. When you do hit something, it can have a big effect on your bankroll, so careful management of your bankroll is extremely important.

One of the nice things about Ice Pirates is the graphics and sounds that really make the experience all the more realistic. The sound of a passing wave is quite nice as it ripples across the screen and can be heard clearly, even though there’s not a lot of movement onscreen. The visual design also comes together with excellent sound effects, creating the sense that you’re actually sailing on a real ship undersea. The realistic graphics don’t take away from the theme of Ice Pirates, however, as there are other slots games featuring aquatic animals and fantasy themes, such as Aquaman. If you enjoy playing fun, light-hearted games on your computer, Ice Pirates may be just the ticket.

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