You must have heard of the hit game Knights Keep on TV. The game has become a huge hit and one of the most downloaded games on Facebook. Many people have also started making money from Knights Keep. The game was inspired by a medieval story, written by William de Worde. The game involves knights and battles and is available free on Facebook.

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Knights Keep is a social activity. Players can join the game either as guest or the leader. Once a player becomes a leader they can take on friends and invite them to play the game. Players can create their own group and invite other members to it. Friends of players can be added to the group too.

The basic game play is building castles, making trades and using the power of nature and God, respectively. Players have to complete missions and quests before they advance to the next level. There is a time limit on each level but there is more adventure to be found in the game.

There are a number of different ways to play the game. In addition to playing on the Facebook platform, it can also be played through WMS ( Warcraft Master Race), Xfire ( Epic Level Network), and through portals. The interface is clean and simple and controls are very easy to understand. The game interface can also be accessed through a remote desktop program.

There are many things that players can do in Knights Keep. Players can build up their farm and protect their villages against all kinds of creatures. They can also buy new weapons, items and armors. When the king of the land falls ill, he sends his guards to protect the village so players have to fight the evil menace and save the kingdom.

Knights Keep has different levels depending on how one wishes to progress through it. The earlier levels are easier but the later ones are more difficult. There are different colored gem stones which can be collected when playing the game. The gem stones not only make the jewels which can be traded for other gems, they also make up the different inventory items.

Knights Keep has been in the marketplace for about three years now and has had hundreds of thousands of downloads to date. It has an intense action theme and has received many favorable reviews from players. It is available in different languages and can also be purchased on the iTunes Store. You can also find the game online at Amazon and it has been receiving rave reviews.

The story in Knights Keep is about a kingdom that has been conquered by the enemy. King Arthur has dispatched his forces to attack theuders but they are repelled instead. The allies of the king are forced to retreat while Arthur gets more troops to reinforce his force. The outcome of this retreat may decide the fate of the king. He can either choose to surrender and leave his people to the mercy of the enemies, or else continue his campaign and try to conquer the fortresses again.

Although the storyline is intriguing, the reality is that most games have the same story lines. What sets Knights Keep apart is its user friendly graphics, excellent sound effects and challenging gameplay. It also has several unique features that other games don’t have including the leveling system, treasure hunting and also collecting the Knights Keep pieces which vary in appearance. Some of these pieces are hidden within the overworld maps as well.

Online gaming is growing at a fast pace and there are numerous websites where you can get your hands on great gaming experiences. If you want to play Knights Keep, you can simply download it from the website and you will be ready to start playing the game. However, in case you want to play the original version, you can always go to the game’s official site and you can choose the version that you prefer. Knights Keep is available for free and you can also purchase the game through PayPal.

There are quite a few different things that make Knights Keep a unique game. First is the storyline which is interesting and dramatic. The game also has a lot of different game settings and scenarios. You can choose to play with one of the main characters or you can play a different hero each time. Some of the levels are set in medieval times so you can get a taste of castle management along with managing your kingdom.

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