There are few arcade games out there that provide as much entertainment as the Retro Reels Extreme Heat Game. With 30 pay-line slots attached to both the five and ten reels of this great slot machine it’s a sure slot which will surely suit most casino gamers bankroll, and again being such a big high payout medium slot machine it’s one which is bound to give you lots of casino game play time as well. But why do so many players rate the Retro Reels Extreme Heat top of their list when it comes to arcade games? Well read on to discover why the Retro Reels Extreme Heat is loved by many a casino goer!

The main reason as to why the Retro Reels Extreme Heat slots is such a favorite with casino goers lies in its relatively small payline. This makes it ideal for all levels of gamers and as such beginners or slow learners can still easily get a taste of playing with the game without having to invest large amounts of money. Not only is the payline relatively low but the reels also come in many different colors giving a wide range of choices for all casino gaming tastes. Another great plus point to this particular retro slot machine is the number of coins it has. You don’t have to worry about missing a bet because you haven’t paid enough coins for it yet!

When it comes to winning combinations the only limit is the player’s imagination. Every single coin in the game has a payline and as such winning a single coin is often seen as nothing short of a miracle. While there are plenty of other factors which come into play when it comes to winning, the way the Retro Reels Extreme Heat plays is unique in that it relies on its “hot” paylines alone for guidance. That is why winning takes time. It really pays to be patient when trying to pull off a winning combination here.

The Retro Reels Extreme Heat also features a basic scatter and blur system with separate control panels for the two halves of the screen. This scatter and blur feature is actually what sets it apart from similar games like the slots and whistles. The scattering allows the gamer to create a beautiful pattern on the screen that can be zoomed in on or blended with other displays on the reels. Blurs are another nice addition to this slot machine as they help to create a visually striking effect, especially when you add the Retro Reels Extreme Heat “surge” option which creates an exponentially growing pattern on the screen.

One of the best things about the retro reels extreme heat is its use of non-redundant micro Gaming Chips. What this means is that every time you place your winnings into the machine, it counts as a win and you don’t have to pay the high price of replacing those chips. The benefit of this is that there’s never a shortage of cherries on these machines, which makes the slot experience all the more fun.

The Retro Reels Extreme Heat machines also offer an awesome option to upgrade your machine to a premium version. This comes in the form of a special cherry icon right next to the dollar sign symbol on the machine. To add an even greater gaming experience, the gamer may purchase a second player card that comes with a matching five dollar sign to go along with the two mini cherries. By playing with extra players, you have an even greater chance of getting the payout that you want. For some people, who want to max out their potential for every dollar they spend, the retro reels extreme heat is the way to go.

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