As with the first Zeus, the Zeus 2 CPU chip has been designed with a memory optimized for casino games. The Zeus II also features a dedicated SID for in-memory access to the operating system, supporting up to four (4) active player accounts on the same machine. The memory optimization allows the computer to better manage the large number of instructions per frame, making it easier to maintain a steady framerate. This feature is particularly helpful in highly interactive video casino games, where the constant change between different graphics commands can often cause the machine to become unstable or slow down. The memory bandwidth requirements of the CPU can be adjusted with the help of the SID, allowing it to switch between active accounts without causing any noticeable lag.

Like the original z Zeus, the Zeus II has four distinct types of games: slots (a popular casino game), blackjack (also a favorite among amateur gamers), flash games, and internet games (also popular among amateur gamers). The slots game supports up to four players, who compete for winnings in a single spinning wheel. Each spin contains a combination of colors and the machine randomly chooses one of the colors displayed. In the flash game, players control a pixel in an animated scene through the use of a keyboard and mouse. The internet game supports a single player game against a computer or other online computer player.

In addition to the different playing modes, the Zeus II also allows users to reset the various bank settings. The original z Zeus used an 8-character password encryption scheme, while the Zeus II uses a more modern variant of the keying system used in the z Zeus. This newer version supports biometric fingerprint identification, making it more secure than the traditional password systems. Aside from these differences, both versions of Zeus are compatible with computer operating systems using the Microsoft Window OS and with most flavors of Linux.

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